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About Night Kayak

Father and Son Light Up the Kayak Industry

Mark and his father, Scott (aka “Full Throttle”) are quickly changing the kayak industry by revolutionizing the kayak scene with powerful LED lights. Kayakers are no longer limited to paddling under the sun only…but under the starry night sky, too!

Mark came up with the idea of strapping on LED lights to clear bottom kayaks after seeing a semi-submersible tour operating at night in Mexico. The same concept applied; utilize see-through windows and illuminate the water with light, allowing guests to view the marine life as it passes by.

The custom LED lights used on their tours (created by another business venture) are constantly pushing the envelope with technology, allowing Night Kayak LLC to surprise their guests left and right.

Most recently the company developed multi-colored lights including red, purple, turquoise, green, and even party mode lights (with several colors flashing on and off). These are also offered on our Stand Up Paddleboard tours!

What are Mark and his father going to do next?  We’ll have to wait and see! But undoubtedly it will be clearly different from other tours existing around the world.


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