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Glass-Bottom Kayak Tour

Quick Details

Hour Glass  Duration: 45 minutes on the water. Approx. 30 minutes on land.



This guided adventure begins soon after the sun rises. The “morning light” and tranquil waters really are a special time to be on the lagoon. And if you’re lucky… You may even spot one of our favorite lagoon locals, the majestic manatee!

Important Info

  • This is a guided tour. Your instructors will give you a Kayak 101 lesson before the tour to make sure everyone is comfortable
  • Kayaks are two-seaters.  400lbs maximum.
  • Max weight limit per person is 275lbs. You will be climbing in/out of the water knee deep to get into your kayak.  We suggest wearing water shoes or “Aqua socks” if you have them.  Or you can go barefoot and we can store your shoes in a bin
  • Parking fees are not included
  • Orientation Prior to Tour: Please listen closely to the tour guides during the “Kayak 101” orientation. This is not a time for selfies but instead to learn how to safely kayak (for your safety and others). The tour is designed for beginner kayakers to be able to complete the entire excursion. If you have difficulty paddling, a tour guide will attempt to coach you. Note that leaving the tour early or being towed back to the dock do not constitute grounds for a refund.
  • Complimentary storage for personal belongings is available, at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any damaged, lost, or stolen items.
  • Taking personal belongings out on the tour is at your own risk.  We are not responsible for any of your personal belongings you accidentally drop into the ocean.
  • You will get wet.  Shorts and t-shirts are casual attire. You will be getting knee-deep in and out of the water.  Also, water drips into the kayaks while paddling.
  • Waterproof cameras, GoPros, or phones are suggested (at your own risk). Guides will offer to take a couple of pictures with company I-Phone during the trip and share for free at the end.
  • Please do not wear bug spray. That damages the clear bottoms of the kayaks. Bugs are not bad on the water so spray is not needed.
  • Tips are graciously accepted among your tour guides so please pack a few extra dollars for them.
  • Group must have at least an 18 year old to attend and sign waivers.  Young kids must have at least a 16 year old in each kayak.  Young children cannot be in a kayak alone.